Turkey is firmly combating money laundering and terrorist financing


Turkish Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddine Nabati denied the allegations of opening an investigation against Turkey on money laundering charges and including it on the FATF blacklist.


This came through his Twitter account on Monday regarding Turkey’s measures to combat money laundering.

Nabati affirmed that the Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance is currently continuing to combat money launderers, financiers of terrorism and all crime organizations as firmly as it was before.

He stressed that the group’s media statement issued last October clearly acknowledged that Turkey had taken positive and additional steps regarding the issue.


He added, “The statement stated that Turkey has provided a high level of political commitment to develop an approach against money laundering and terrorist financing and has taken steps in this regard.”

Vegetarian emphasized that Turkey is broadly compliant with all FATF Standards of Special Importance.

He said, “The unrealistic allegations that an international financial investigation will be opened against our country are baseless and also harm Turkey’s reputation. There is absolutely no question of opening a financial investigation against our country or putting it on the FATF blacklist.”


And he added, “The report, which was prepared by a representative of a political party and is almost similar to the newsletter of terrorist organizations, should be considered an expression of annoyance with our country’s struggle against terrorism in all fields and the successes it has achieved in this struggle.”