NATO Secretary General meets with Turkish representatives in Madrid


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met with deputies from the Turkish parliament in Madrid, Spain.


The meeting between Stoltenberg and the deputies took place on the sidelines of the NATO Parliamentary General Assembly meeting in the Spanish capital.

He pointed out that the Turkish parliamentary delegation includes deputies from the Turkish parties “Justice and Development”, “National Movement”, “Republican People”, “Democratic People” and “Good”.

Osman Pak, head of the Turkish delegation, explained that the NATO Secretary General wanted to meet with the Turkish delegation to discuss Sweden and Finland’s membership of the alliance.

He added, “Stoltenberg was briefed on the views of the representative of each party, and the Turkish delegation emphasized the necessity of adhering to the conditions of the tripartite mechanism and taking concrete steps in the fight against terrorism.”


He noted that the meeting was “positive and fruitful”, pointing out that Stoltenberg follows a balanced and supportive policy for Turkey.