Turkey.. Duzce earthquake leaves 46 injuries and material damage


The Turkish Emergency and Disaster Management Authority (AFAD) announced that the number of injuries resulting from the earthquake that struck Duzce in the northwest of the country on Wednesday has increased to 46, in addition to the material damage.


AFAD said in a statement that the data of the Ministry of Health indicated that 37 of the injured were residents of Duzce, 6 from Zonguldak, and the rest from Istanbul, Sakarya and Bolu.

The statement added that Duzce witnessed 96 aftershocks after the main earthquake, which had a magnitude of 5.9, and was felt by residents of Istanbul and neighboring states.

According to “AFAD”, the earthquake occurred at 04:08 (01:08 GMT) in the “Gol Yaqa” district of Duzce, at a depth of 6.81 kilometers below the surface of the earth.


And that the earthquake led to the collapse of a shop in Duzce and damaged about 8 buildings, including the Justice Palace.

He pointed out that the violent tremor also led to the fall of goods and items in some shops and homes to the ground.

An aftershock also occurred while photographing the damaged shops.


A large number of citizens spent the night outside their homes due to the panic sparked by the earthquake.