Turkey distributes sacrificial meat in 82 countries on the occasion


The Presidency of Religious Affairs and the Turkish Religious Endowment distributed sacrifice meat to about 22 million people in 82 countries around the world during the blessed Eid al-Adha.


A statement issued by the Religious Endowment on Wednesday stated that within the program of distributing sacrifices to the needy, the distribution was carried out in Turkey and 81 countries, for the benefit of 21,897,917 people.

The statement added that the meat was distributed in cooperation with the Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs, with the support of philanthropists.

Izani Turan, Director General of the Waqf, said in the statement that the organization of sacrificial meat distribution programs and charitable aid activities has been going on for nearly half a century.

Turan indicated that sacrificial meat was distributed to the needy and orphans in 82 countries, including Turkey.


He stated that the endowment distributed various gifts besides meat, such as the Holy Quran and the Turkish flag, as well as the opening of water wells and orphanages on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.