Turkey denies allegations of “naturalization of 3,000 Afghans”


On Wednesday, Ankara denied allegations that 3,000 Afghans had obtained Turkish citizenship in exchange for material compensation provided by the United States.


The General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs (following the Ministry of Interior) said in a statement that according to Turkish law, a foreigner can obtain citizenship, provided that he resides in the country for 5 continuous years with a work permit.

And it added: “Or he (the foreigner) has been married to a (Turkish) citizen for 3 years, or he has submitted a personal request.

Or through his agent, if he invests in the scope and amount determined by the President of the Republic, provided that there are no obstacles in terms of national security and public order.

It pointed out that the allegations circulated are incorrect, and that, according to Turkish citizenship legislation, it is not possible to obtain citizenship in any way by “paying in installments.

It stressed that it is unacceptable to offend institutions and damage their reputation.

Misleading the people with this baseless information, of unknown source, and not based on concrete data and documents.


It emphasized that similar, baseless allegations had been published several times previously, and had all been refuted.