Turkey calls on the world to confront digital piracy and disinformation


Head of the Communications Department in the Presidency of the Turkish Republic, Fahrettin Altun, called on the countries of the world to confront piracy and misinformation in the digital world.

This came in an opening speech delivered on Saturday during the “Stratcom Summit 21”, which kicked off earlier today in Istanbul.


Altun added that bridging the existing inequality gap between societies and countries in the cyber world is one of the most prominent features of the principle of “for a fairer world” established by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He stressed the need for countries to cooperate to confront the security crisis caused by the cyber world and the efforts of “transnational companies” to engineer policy.

He continued, “Just as the world is bigger than five, the cyber world is also bigger than a few barons who control social media platforms.”

He indicated Turkey’s readiness to perform its duties in the new structure of cybersecurity.

Altun warned that misinformation wars and their provocations could lead to real wars on the ground.


He explained that such wars have opened the door several times so far to extremist nationalities and exploitative and extremist ideologies.

Altun called on countries to cooperate with each other to confront piracy and misinformation in the digital world.