The Turkish coast of Adana attracts caravan travelers


The coasts of the Turkish state of Adana overlooking the Mediterranean Sea are a destination for European tourists who travel there by caravan.

The region attracts many foreign tourists who come with their families from Europe on board their caravanserais. They come to the coast of Adana after visiting many areas in Turkey.


Zeytinbeli beach in the Yumurtalq district of Adana is one of the favorite destinations for tourists coming by caravan.

The German tourist, Mathians Kreimer, who is coming with his wife and three daughters, said that he sold his house and his belongings in his country and went on a trip with his family through the caravan.

He explained that they have been touring in the caravan for 14 months, and they arrived in Turkey 5 weeks ago.

Kramer praised the hospitality and reception he receives wherever he tours in Turkey, stressing that they are having a good time.


For her part, the Swiss tourist, Yvonne Duffield, who is coming with her husband, said that many caravan enthusiasts who met them on the roads advised them to visit Zeytinbeli Beach.

Duffield expressed her admiration for the beauty of the region and its warm weather.