Turkey begins transporting the vehicles affected by the earthquake


The Turkish authorities began withdrawing the damaged vehicles as a result of the earthquake disaster and transferring them to the parking lots of the security directorates in the southern states.

The vehicles were damaged as a result of the collapse of the buildings above them, following two successive earthquakes that struck southern Turkey early this month.

The authorities in the state of Malatya began pulling cars out from under the rubble and stacking them in special parking lots.


A member of the Turkish Police Force Strengthening Corporation, Sezgin Kara, said that the corporation’s vehicles withdraw daily 20-30 vehicles destroyed by the earthquake in Malatya alone.

He added that 120 vehicles have been piled so far in one of the Security Directorate’s parking lots, expecting that the number of destroyed vehicles will increase with the continued removal of building rubble.

He pointed out that the vehicle owners feel deeply saddened by the loss of their homes and vehicles, but they assert that “there is no way we can.”