Turkey..Arrest of a PKK terrorist in northern Syria


Turkish intelligence managed to arrest the PKK/YPG terrorist Dilberin Qichar in a qualitative operation in northern Syria.


According to diplomatic sources, the terrorist intelligence service transferred the arrested woman to Turkish territory for trial.

She disguised herself as “Rojda” and participated in many terrorist acts and assassinations.

It was affiliated with the terrorists in 2015 in Siarat, southeastern Turkey, and after spending a year in their ranks in the Cudi and Gabar regions of Şırnak state, it was sent to northern Syria.

Qachar received training in the Sinjar camp for PKK terrorists in northern Iraq, and participated in the organization’s ranks in several terrorist acts in 2018, during the Operation Olive Branch (January) and Spring of Peace (October).


Recently, it was sent at the head of a unit of terrorists to the Ain al-Arab region in anticipation of any military operation by the Turkish army against the PKK/YPG.