Kalin is discussing with a NATO the accession of Sweden and Finland


Turkish Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin and Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Unal discussed with the Director of the Special Office of the Secretary General of NATO Stian Jensen the process of Sweden and Finland’s accession to the alliance and the latest developments in the Russian-Ukrainian war.


The office of the Turkish presidency’s spokesman said in a statement on Tuesday that Kalin and Unal met Jensen at the presidential complex in the capital, Ankara.

He explained that the meeting dealt with Turkey’s past and current contributions to NATO, and the importance of Turkey’s role in the alliance was emphasized.

The meeting also discussed the request of Sweden and Finland to join the alliance and the latest developments in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The two sides also expressed their views on the concept of the strategy that is planned to be adopted at the NATO summit scheduled to be held in Madrid at the end of this June.


The meeting pointed out that NATO’s harmony, unity and solidarity against common security threats would contribute to an environment of world peace.

It was stressed during the meeting that countries that wish to join NATO must adhere to the values ​​and principles of the alliance on terrorism.

In the meeting, it was noted that progress in the accession process cannot be made without concrete steps being taken regarding terrorist organizations in the context of Sweden and Finland’s intentions to join NATO.

It was emphasized that Turkey’s national security concerns must be addressed and that the threats it faces constitute threats to the entire Alliance.


It was stressed that a firm stance should be taken against all forms of terrorism without any discrimination.

The meeting noted that the efforts of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg are appreciated by Turkey.

And earlier on Tuesday, the head of the Turkish presidential communications department, Fahrettin Altun, said that his country could not look positively at the membership of countries in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that were not able to take a strict stance on terrorism.

The two sides emphasized that the importance of the alliance was re-emerged at a time when the global effects of the war in Ukraine persisted.

During the meeting, the steps taken to end the war and food security were evaluated.


On February 24, Russia launched an attack on Ukraine, followed by international rejection and sanctions against Moscow, which stipulate that Kyiv abandon plans to join military entities, which the latter considers an interference in its sovereignty.