Turkey and Sweden decide to strengthen security cooperation


The Secretary of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oscar Steinström, said on Tuesday that it was decided to strengthen cooperation between the Turkish and Swedish security units within the framework of the memorandum of understanding signed between Ankara, Stockholm and Helsinki.


This came in statements he made to the newspaper “Aftonbladet” in which he spoke about the first meeting of the permanent joint mechanism formed within the framework of the tripartite memorandum of understanding, which was held in the Finnish city of Vantaa on August 26.

Steinstrom said that during the meeting, the delegations discussed how to implement the tripartite memorandum of understanding signed during the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit on June 28.


In late June, Turkey, Sweden and Finland signed a tripartite memorandum of understanding regarding the two countries’ membership in NATO on the sidelines of the bloc’s summit in the Spanish capital Madrid, in which the two countries pledged full cooperation with Ankara in the fight against terrorist organizations.

He added that the meetings with Turkey took place in a constructive and open manner, pointing out that they decided to increase cooperation between the security services between the two countries.


He explained that the meeting should be considered “part of the deep and far-reaching cooperation between Turkey and Sweden,” describing this cooperation as important for his country’s membership in NATO.