Turkey.. A Swiss couple embrace Islam influenced by the call to prayer


A Swiss couple living in Fethiye, Mugla province, Turkey, converted to Islam after being moved by the call to prayer and uttering the word shahada.


Software engineer Jean-Pierre Kern, 76, and his nurse wife, Francoise Gabriel Berthe, 62, changed their names to “Hassan” and “wink” after converting to Islam.

During the ceremony of converting to Islam, which was attended by Kamel Oktay, Mufti of the Fethiye region, and a number of Islamic clerics, verses from the Holy Quran were read.

After reciting verses from the Qur’an, the Swiss couple pronounced the shahada, officially converting to Islam.

In a press statement after the ceremony, the couple, who have lived in Fethiye for about 5 years, said that they were impressed by the sound of the call to prayer and the worship of their neighbors.


And they continued, “I wish we were born Muslims when we saw Islam, we realized who we want to spend the rest of our lives as Muslims.”