Turkey is a corridor for energy coming from Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia


Turkish Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati said that Turkey, due to its geographical location, is in the center and corridor of energy coming from Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia.


This came in an interview with the English-language channel “Arab News”.

Vegetarian explained that it is possible to transport natural gas and oil through Turkey safely and at competitive prices.

He added that Turkey is striving to be a base for energy, whether coming from Saudi Arabia or from other countries.

He continued, “Turkey and Saudi Arabia support each other to bring peace to the region. Peace will contribute to lowering gas and oil prices.”


He pointed out that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for the necessary measures to be taken to make Turkey a center for the distribution of Russian and Iranian gas to the countries of the European continent.

Regarding Turkey’s strategy on gas production, Vegetarian said that his country has discovered large quantities of gas in the Black Sea, and that production operations are expected to start next year.

He continued, “Cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Turkey will create in the coming period new areas of cooperation within the framework of Turkey’s vision for 2023 and Saudi Arabia’s vision for the future.”


He pointed out that Turkey supports Saudi Arabia’s candidacy for the Expo 2030 and that the two countries support each other in the fight against terrorism.