The verdict in the smuggling case of Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn


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In the case of the smuggling of Carlos Ghosn, former director of Nissan from Japan to Beirut via Istanbul, the director of the private aircraft company and two pilots were sentenced to 4 years and two months in prison for “smuggling migrants”.

7 defendants have been sentenced to smuggling former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn, who was under house arrest in Japan, to Beirut via Istanbul.

Okan Kösemen, Commercial Director of a private aircraft company, pilots Noyan Pasin, Özgü Bilge Bayram, Bahri Kutlu Sömek, Serhat Kahvecioğlu and the company’s lawyers attended the hearing at the 17th Bakirkoy Criminal Court of First Instance.


The court sentenced the defendants Okan Kösemen, director of a private aircraft company, and the accused pilots Bahri Kutlu Sömek and Noyan Pasin to 4 years and two months in prison for “migrant smuggling” and a judicial fine of 31 thousand Turkish liras for each one.

Two pilots and flight attendants acquitted

The court acquitted the defendants, the pilots Özgü Bilge Bayram and Serhat Kahvecioğlu, for the same crime, and the host Nesrin Altunalan acquitted the defendant.

In addition, the court acquitted the defendant, host Serpil Kuyumcu.