The Independent: Turkey is the leader in aviation


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The British newspaper The Independent writes that Turkey has become a leader in the aviation industry in Europe. The newspaper’s travel editor emphasized that this could be a sign of permanent change.

“Turkey has become the leader in Europe in the aviation sector”

The news was published in the British newspaper The Independent.

After the passenger statistics were reviewed at more than 400 airports between April and December 2020.


As a result, Turkey was confirmed as the largest air power in Europe.

Travel editor Simon Calder noted that the coronavirus outbreak has changed the conditions for competition and confidence.

He wrote that advances in the aviation sector in Turkey could give permanent leadership to Turkey.

Istanbul airport ranked first in the list, followed by two airports from Moscow.

Sabiha Gokcen Airport also entered the list in fifth place.

In its report, The Independent drew attention to the inability of the leading countries in Western Europe to maintain the first position.

As England lost the lead, and he confirmed that Britain had lost its leadership in the aviation industry.

London’s Heathrow Airport also announced a loss of 2 billion pounds in 2020 due to fewer flights and passengers.

It is noteworthy that the average number of airport passengers of 80 million annually decreased to 22 million in 2020.