The US, The finding of Omicron virus in a sewage plant


In the United States, scientists are testing the country’s wastewater for early detection of omicron.

From there, a California research team found traces of the virus in sewage treatment plants across the state.


The team found the emerging CoronaVirus Alert Network, which was formed by California officials and scientists at universities including Stanford University.

Wastewater from Sacramento and Merced contained evidence of omicron virus.

The Houston, Texas Department of Health said on the same day that the Omicron virus was detected at all eight sewage treatment plants across the city.

According to the results, scientists believe that Omicron is located in more than one city.

Erica Pan said: “Although there have been no clinical cases reported so far in those counties.

However, this definitely indicates that the virus is spreading there, we are definitely seeing an Omicron presence all over the state.”


The first confirmed case of Omicron was found in California last week, and officials across the country are concerned.

Which was that the new alternative could spread widely in countries such as South Africa and the United Kingdom, as well as in the United States.

Scientists believe Omicron arrived in the United States before the government issued travel restrictions.

For this reason, the opinion is that travel bans on arrivals from South African countries are ineffective in controlling the spread of the disease.