The United Nations excludes Afghanistan from the General Assembly


The Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the United Nations, Ghulam Izakzai, delivered his address to the United Nations General Assembly after the Taliban requested representation.


Afghanistan will not be represented at the 76th UN General Assembly talks this year after the previous government withdrew the speech of UN Ambassador Izakzai.

It is noteworthy that the aforementioned decision was taken after the Taliban requested to address the General Assembly of the United Nations.

As discussions continue over who will represent Afghanistan at the United Nations, the Taliban said in a letter to the UN Secretary-General that it should be represented in the organization, not the previous government.

In the letter he sent, Amirhan Mottaki, “Acting Foreign Minister” in the Taliban interim government, requested to participate in the 76th meetings of the United Nations General Assembly.


In his letter, Mottaki also nominated Sohail Shaheen, one of his spokesmen, for the post of Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the United Nations.

After countries send the names of candidates for UN ambassadors to the organization, these names are approved by the Accreditation Committee of the UN General Assembly.