The Turkish “Fethiye” is on the list of the best tourist destinations


Fethiye District in Mugla Province, western Turkey, ranked second in a list prepared by the British newspaper The Times of the best tourist places for the month of October.

The Times’s list of “Best places for a beach holiday in October” included ten places from around the world, including one tourist destination in Turkey.

The Times commented on the list by saying: “An ideal opportunity for budget-conscious travelers to take advantage of low prices.”


The list was as follows: Ibiza (Spain), Fethiye (Turkey), Malta, Zanzibar (Tanzania), Goa (India), Cape Town (South Africa), Faro (Portugal), Jamaica, Tulum (Mexico), Crete (Greece).

Thousands of Turkish and foreign tourists visit Fethiye every year to enjoy its picturesque nature, its charming coasts on the Aegean Sea, and its ancient cities, in addition to practicing skydiving from BabaDag Mountain, which reaches a height of 1,965 meters.