The Turkish army continues to fight terrorism with local weapons


The Turkish army continues to combat terrorist organizations in northern Iraq through a series of “claw” operations, using local weapons and ammunition.


The Turkish army’s operations are focused on destroying the corridors, shelters and warehouses of terrorist organizations in the region, despite the challenges and difficulties resulting from the ruggedness of the region.

The Kumar Tepe military base is one of the starting points for the Turkish army’s operations in northern Iraq.

The military base is located at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level and is surrounded by deep valleys on three sides.

Turkish commandos set out from this base to carry out operations targeting the warehouses and hideouts of terrorist organizations in the Sinat-Heftanin region in northern Iraq, in a proactive step to secure the Turkish border.


During their military operations, the commandos use the latest weapons and munitions that are manufactured with purely local and national capabilities.

Toghlan Gilangar, commander of the Turkish military base “Qumar Teppe”, said that since August 2019, they have continued to carry out the tasks entrusted to them in all environmental and military conditions.

He stressed that they are adequately facing all threats that may affect the Turkish borders and territories.


He stressed that they keep shifts around the clock and use the latest local military and security technologies to perform their tasks.