The sixth and seventh Turkish freight train is on its way to China


According to the Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the sixth and seventh Turkish freight trains will depart for China in 41 coaches from Kocaeli province.

These trains travel to the Chinese city of Xi’an with 1876 KM in Turkey, 220 in Georgia, 430 in Azerbaijan, 420 in the Caspian Sea, 3200 in Kazakhstan, and 2100 km in China, with a total of 8693 km over a period of two weeks.


Increase the diversification of merchandise exports across China

Turkish railways exports to China via the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Iron Silk Road are also increasing.

Previously, commodities such as refrigerators, coolers and boron were exported, and now F panels have been added.

The first Turkish export train to China started from Istanbul on December 4, 2020, and on December 19, 2020, across two continents, 2 seas and 5 countries, and arrived in Xi’an.

This international road ends after Turkey, after crossing the Georgia-Azerbaijan-Caspian-Kazakhstan crossing in the Chinese city of Xi’an, respectively.