Gaza.. 99 media violations of the Israeli occupation


A Palestinian Committee for Journalists’ Affairs announced on Monday that it monitored 99 Israeli violations against journalists, media professionals and media institutions in Gaza during the recent aggression on the Strip.

The Journalists Support Committee said in a report that the month of May witnessed “the most brutal and brutal Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists and media institutions.”


The committee indicated that Israel had killed a journalist by bombing his home, and destroyed dozens of media institutions in a “full-fledged war crime.”

She explained that the journalist “Yusef Abu Hussein” (broadcaster at Al-Aqsa local radio) was killed by the bombing and destruction of his house in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza on May 19, in a “horrific crime”.

The committee stated in its report that the Israeli violations included the injury of 12 journalists, as a result of direct bombardment, or during the destruction of their homes.

Or as a result of targeting them while they are practicing their work covering the aggression without details on the nature of the remaining violations.

According to the commission’s report, the aggression also resulted in the destruction of 59 media institutions and media production companies (out of the 99 violations).

Printing presses and publishing houses, as well as 22 homes and 5 journalists’ vehicles were damaged.


The committee added that the Israeli occupation used its deadly combat arsenal during its aggression on the Gaza Strip, hitting all the laws and charters.

And it considered that this comes within the framework of (Israel) attempt to obliterate the truth, and to prevent journalists from covering the aggression.

And at dawn on Friday, a ceasefire came into effect between the Palestinian factions in Gaza and Israel, after an 11-day Israeli aggression on the Strip.

It is inhabited by more than two million Palestinians, and has been besieged by Israel since 2006.

The brutal aggression on all Palestinian lands resulted in 280 martyrs, including 69 children, 40 women and 17 elderly, in addition to more than 8,900 wounded, including 90 of their “very serious” injuries.

While 13 Israelis were killed, and hundreds were wounded, during the Palestinian factions in Gaza responded to the aggression by firing rockets at Israel.