The Museum Café in Turkey takes its visitors on a journey through history


The “Museum” café in the center of the Turkish state of Sivas (center) allows its visitors to take a journey through history as it is more like a museum due to the archaeological artifacts it contains.

The café is owned by the Turkish family, “Legacy”, who has been passionate about collecting antiques for more than half a century, as its members inherited this from their ancestors.


The family’s passion for collecting artifacts began in 1967 with the father, Seif al-Din, who owned a café at the time, and moved to his two sons, Mohbat and Hamid Olgach.

Five years ago, the two brothers “Mohbat and Hamid Olgach” owned the “Museum” café, which they decorated with more than 3,000 antiques.

Speaking on Wednesday, Mohabbat, 48, explained that his father, Seif El-Din, who died in 1992, was buying and collecting antiques and decorating a café he owned at the time.

He said, “For 32 years I have been collecting artifacts, and after the death of my father, we continued this passion with my brother Hamid.”


He explained that the history of the artifacts in the café goes back 60, 70, and 100 years.

“We have old radios, rotary telephones, phonograph players, rifles, swords, pegs, gramophones, stoves, and more,” he added.