The monitored normalization calendar will be announced on Monday


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “We will start implementing the supervised normalization calendar as of Monday, as promised to our nation.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan celebrated with AKP organizations in 81 provinces in the program, which was held via video conference.

Expressing his gratitude to every member of the nation for their sacrifice and patience, Erdogan said, “We have seen and witnessed the return of our sacrifices with a significant decrease in the number of serious illnesses and deaths.”


President Erdoan: We will not thank the Israeli persecution. Erdogan said: “As our nation promised us, we began implementing the supervised normalization calendar, starting from Monday.

We will share the details of this issue with our nation after the cabinet meeting.”

Erdogan stressed that their intention is to continue to act relatively cautiously until the end of May, and indicated that they plan to significantly ease the measures by June in order to make everyday life more comfortable.

Erdogan said the following:

“I want my nation to make sure that: The only purpose of the measures that we have taken, especially the restrictions since March 2020, when the epidemic spread to our country, is to protect the health, life and future of every member of our community of 84 million citizens.


We have not taken any measures that we are not obligated to, and we will not implement, not only that, but we are keen to implement the measures that we take in a flexible manner that does not harm the jobs, vaccinations and bread of our citizens.

And our goal is to overcome this annoying process that we are living with with the whole world with the least damage and the least loss, in terms of production, we are glad that we have achieved this.

Industrial production and export numbers are progressing positively, breaking new records every month.

We are trying to provide all kinds of support to our tourism industry to survive this difficult period with some of our merchants affected by the restrictions.

Despite this, we want halal from all of our people, dealers, and employees who have been in trouble.

We have mobilized all the means of our state and have greatly increased social support so that none of our citizens will feel unattended.”


“No one can stop us from reaching the happy days”

Recalling that Turkey is among the countries that provide the most widespread and effective social support to its citizens during the pandemic period in international assessments, President Erdoan said.

“Turkey, which crowns its success in health services with social and economic support, has managed to keep itself out of the climate of crisis observed in most developing and developed countries.”

Erdogan said: “Many indicators, especially the growing search for new investments and employment, indicate that a bright future awaits our country.

As long as we protect our union, our solidarity and our brotherhood, no one will prevent us from reaching the good days that “await” us.