Politicians ’reaction to the Austrian Prime Minister about an Israeli flag”


As a sign of solidarity with Israel, an Israeli flag was raised over the Austrian Prime Minister’s Office.

Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin and AK Party Vice President Omer Celik responded to their social media accounts.

The Austrian administration’s explicit support for Israel sparked a backlash, and Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz shared the message, which he shared on his social media account, that they are standing by Israel.


Austrian Prime Minister Curtis confirmed that the Israeli flag, which was hoisted on the Prime Ministry building, was in support of Israel.

“The terrorist attacks against Israel will be strongly condemned, and this will encourage Israel to continue its attacks on the Palestinian people,” Curtis said.

Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin responded to the move from the Austrian administration.

Ibrahim Kalin said in his account on social networking sites, “This is what encourages Israel to continue its attacks on the Palestinian people.”

“I hope that the Austrians and Europeans with a sense of reason and morality will reject this shameful policy,” Kalin said.


“It is a dream to expect him to be on the side of the oppressed”

The deputy head of Ak Omar Celik also showed his reaction to the post he posted on his social media account.

In his message, Celik said: “The Austrian Prime Minister raised the Israeli flag to the Prime Ministry building to obtain support.

This person is a symbol of Islamophobia, anti-Turks and hostility to Erdogan in Europe, it is a dream that we expect to be in favor of the oppressed, and to have a political compass in the interest of the oppressor.