The foundation for the third reactor was laid at the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant


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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the foundation stone laying ceremony for the third reactor at the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant through a video conference.

Erdogan stated:

Due to our economic growth, our need for reliable, uninterrupted and affordable access to energy is also increasing.


Realizing that investing in energy is an investment in the future, we are trying to diversify our projects in this area.

In this process, we attach great importance to energy efficiency and renewable energy. In fact, the share of domestic and renewable energy in our installed capacity was 63.7 percent.

Last year, we commissioned an additional 4,900MW installed capacity, almost entirely from renewable resources.

And 405 billion cubic meters of natural gas exploration in the Black Sea.

We hope to receive good news from the drilling and exploration work in the Eastern Mediterranean.


“It will contribute to many sub-sectors with the economic momentum it will create”

Nuclear energy also has a special place in our energy policy.

Our goal is to add nuclear energy, which works without emissions and does not harm the environment, to our country’s energy basket.

The nuclear power plant will contribute to many sub sectors with the economic momentum it will create.

Our facility will provide job opportunities for 16 thousand people during the peak period and 4 thousand during the production period.

As a matter of fact, 186 of our students who were selected for training in the scope of the project returned to their country after completing 6.5 years of difficult education.

These young people will participate in all of our nuclear power plant operations, from engineering to management.

Thus, in the Turkish nuclear energy team it will consist of a brain, and we will acquire new recruits to mobilize our national energy.


The goals of the centenary of the founding of the Turkish Republic

Erdogan added:

We aim to commission the first reactor at the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant in 2023.

We will work day and night until the other reactors of this power plant, which will consist of 4 reactors in total, are gradually operational.

On the centenary of our republic, Turkey will be a nuclear energy producer.

The Akkuyu nuclear power plant, which will have a total capacity of 4,800 megawatts, will meet 10 percent of our needs by producing 35 billion kilowatt hours of electricity annually.

Every stage of this power plant, which we have built with technology owned by a few countries in the world, requires exemplary attention and planning.

We are trying to take firm steps forward by taking every precaution.

We equip our Akkuyu nuclear power plant with the most advanced safety systems and make sure that it complies with IAEA standards.