The EU intends to set criteria for sanctions against Belarus


European officials revealed on Friday that the European Union intends to set new criteria for imposing sanctions on individuals and entities that facilitate illegal entry into the bloc’s countries from Belarus.

The officials preferred to remain anonymous by declaring that the EU would address the crisis with Belarus during the meeting of its foreign ministers on November 15.


They noted that the union will set new criteria for imposing sanctions on individuals and organizations that facilitate illegal entry to the bloc’s countries from Belarus.

“These standards aim to establish a legal framework that helps punish those who endanger the lives of irregular migrants in the cold of winter,” one of them said.

On Monday, many asylum seekers tried to cross the border to enter Poland from Belarus, where there are currently about 4,000 asylum seekers at the two countries’ borders, according to the Polish news agency.

The European Union accuses Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of coordinating the arrival of the wave of migrants to the eastern side of the bloc.


This was in response to the European sanctions imposed on his country after the “brutal repression” his regime had exercised against the opposition.