The disaster budget in the US is expected to exceed $100 billion


US President Joe Biden announced that his country’s disaster response balance sheet this year will exceed $100 billion, and he blamed global warming.


Noting that disasters have occurred in one out of every three settlements in the country in recent months, US President Joe Biden said that the 2021 balance sheet for disasters caused by climate change will exceed $100 billion.

Noting that climate change is the cause of disasters that cost $99 billion last year, Biden emphasized that it is humans who cause climate change.

The number of people who view climate change as a personal threat is increasing day by day.

According to a Pew Research Center survey, two-thirds of those who live in the world’s richest countries are concerned about the impact of climate change on them.

80% of respondents believe they can make changes to their lifestyle and work to combat climate change.


According to the report prepared by the United Nations, 90 percent of subsidies amounting to half a trillion dollars are harmful to nature and human health.

The ‘big’ meat and dairy industries in rich countries need to shrink, and fertilizer subsidies in low-income countries need to be reduced.

These subsidies are fueling the climate crisis, leading to inequality on small farms, most of which are owned by women.

The global food system in the world is also collapsing, according to data for 2020, while more than two billion people in the world suffer from obesity, more than 800 million people live on the poverty line.