The construction on the Sais Dagi Plateau is causing visual pollution


The unplanned construction covers the beauty of the Sais Dagi plateau, where there are hundreds of homes in the Giresun.

The plateau, which is 2 thousand and 182 meters high, was unable to remove the cityscape despite the destruction of the illegal buildings.

The Sais Dagi plateau, which includes hundreds of homes in the highlands jointly used by Trabzon and Gerson, has a construction problem.

The landscape does not change even if the illegal buildings on heights of 2000,182 heights are destroyed.


Highland, city view

Mustafa Ozjan, a resident of the area, said, “We don’t know how to protect nature.

We went out to the plateau to get fresh air, and when our children went to the plateau we left nowhere to play in the park.

Someone was said to be renovating because hungry wild bears entered and attacked and looted homes. “I didn’t notice that, this place looks like a city,” he said.

“Apartments of 3-4 floors were built”

Abdullah Ozturk, a local resident, said, “It is an unplanned building. 3-4 floors of apartments have been built, regardless of the shape of the wooden hut.

If the haphazard construction continues, there will be nothing left even if they want to remove it in the future, Where will they throw the fossils?”.

Illegal buildings have been destroyed

After Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu announced that illegal buildings will be demolished across Turkey as of December 31, 2017.

Teams have become illegal on the Sais Dagi plateau, as is the case in other highlands in the eastern Black Sea region.