Transferring citizens to nearby hospitals to make single dose of vaccine unwasted


BionTech vaccination plans take hours from warehouses where they are kept to pollination centers “like digging wells with needles”.

In addition, the vaccinations for those who do not show up for their appointment in order to prevent wasting a single dose of the vaccine are transferred to other hospitals.

The vaccine tanks of the Public Health Organization were also examined, as vaccines are stored in Istanbul with a temperature of minus 80 degrees.


And the Biontech vaccine journey from warehouse to hospital in Istanbul for the first time.

With its large-scale vaccination expertise and successful vaccine tracking system, Biontech successfully implements vaccinations without the need for a new infrastructure.

And the vaccination supervisor at the Presidency of Public Health Services in Istanbul, Dr. Underale said he spent nearly 15 years of his 20-year career as a vaccine manager.

He said: “The Biontech vaccine was a new era for us. It is a vaccine that requires great care in terms of storage and planning conditions.”

While our other vaccines can be stored at 2-8 degrees, Biontech, the vaccine should be stored at minus 80 degrees due to its properties.

Therefore, planning is done with great care, and it is very important for our citizens to get vaccinations on time.”


The vaccines have been distributed to 4 thousand family medicine and 39 areas

Yale explained that routine vaccinations were distributed from public health warehouses in Istanbul to 4,000 family medicine units, 39 district health directories and other hospitals.

He explained to me the process of planting the vaccine as follows:

“We store and distribute all vaccines from here, and we can see the distribution of the BionTech vaccine on the Ministry of Health digital system, which we call” Sina “the previous day, and appointments in hospitals according to time zones.

“We can monitor hospital vaccine stock levels instantly with ATS, so we plan how many vaccine doses to dispense to hospitals.

All other vaccines are manufactured in most health institutions in Istanbul.

He explained that the director of vaccinations in the warehouse was informed of the plans for appointments in hospitals. Yale process is as follows:


“A friend in the warehouse looks at the list, determines the amount of vaccine to be taken to which hospital, and the hospital concerned is contacted.

The vaccine is removed from the cupboard at minus 80 degrees, and the barcode is scanned on the registered registry of the hospital officer one by one.

Courier is transported via ATS, and BionTech vaccines last for 14 days in cabinets 20 ° C.

In addition to 5 days in the regular vaccine cabinets from 2 to 8 degrees after leaving the refrigerator at minus 80 degrees.

Yale also said that vaccines coming from Ankara to warehouses in Istanbul are taken out of dry ice and placed in tanks in layers.

There are 3 of these tanks minus 80 degrees in the warehouses of the Istanbul Institute of Public Health, and the average capacity of each cabinet is 150,000 vaccine doses.

The rooms in which they are located are protected by security for 24 hours, and monitored instantly with the camera system.

In the event of an emergency, warehouse employees can come and distribute vaccines from here every hour.”


“If no one shows up for their appointment, the rush begins”

More than 25,000 BionTech vaccines have been provided so far in Basaksehir Pein and Sakura City Hospital, which is one of the most vaccinated centers in Istanbul.

It is reported that they recently started the second doses of BionTech vaccines with a daily capacity of approximately 4,500 at the hospital, in addition to the head of Cham Hospital and Sakura City General Hospital.

“It is a vaccine that has to be completely compatible with the cold chain,” said member Idris Kurtuluch.

Therefore, it is very important to comply with certain procedures, and plans are made to the smallest detail, such as drilling a well with a needle.”

And the citizen who has set the date comes here and does not have this vaccine, the fear of what we will do with one dose of the vaccine begins.”


“A single dose of vaccine is not wasted”

Chief Physician at Cham and Sakura City General Hospital Member Idris Kurtulush said appointments have been arranged for 6 doses of the vial.

Especially if he didn’t come on the deadline, they kept other citizens there for vaccination and tried to complete 6 people.

“Sometimes our citizens say, ‘One or two people haven’t come, we have to find a few more,’ and we call the citizen who doesn’t come over the phone,” said Kourtullus.

If we are unable to arrive, we call our qualified citizens for an appointment.