Talks between the Afghan government and the “Taliban” in Tehran


On Wednesday, talks began in the Iranian capital, Tehran, between the Afghan government delegation and representatives of the “Taliban” movement.


The Iranian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the talks with the Afghan government and representatives of the “Taliban” began with a speech by Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

In his speech, Zarif said that the United States was defeated in Afghanistan, calling on the Afghan government and people to make serious decisions on the future of the country.

He added that returning to the negotiating table and opening political channels is the best way to resolve the existing crises in Afghanistan.

He stressed that Iran is ready to provide all kinds of support to end the existing differences between the Afghans.


It is noteworthy that the Afghan government delegation is headed by former Foreign Minister Yusuf Qanooni, while the Taliban delegation is headed by Abbas Estankezi, who holds the position of assistant head of the movement’s political bureau.