Supporters of the terrorist “PKK” organize a demonstration in Sweden


On Monday, a group of supporters of the terrorist organization PKK organized a demonstration in the Swedish city of Göteborg to demand the Stockholm government to impose an arms embargo on Turkey.


The demonstrators carried slogans of the terrorist YPG organization (the PKK’s arm in Syria) and pictures of the organization’s leader, Abdullah Ocalan.

The demonstration, which began in the “Gottaplatsen” square, lasted about two hours, as the demonstrators marched through the city’s streets.

After he finished one of the meetings, the head of the Swedish “Different Colors” party, Mikael Yuksel, took pictures of the demonstration, expressing his condemnation of it.


And he explained in a statement issued by him that the supporters of the terrorist organization are able to organize a demonstration in full comfort at a time when the Swedish government is negotiating with Turkey.

“The Swedish government considers the PKK a terrorist organization, but it follows a two-sided policy,” he said.

On May 18, Sweden and Finland submitted an official application to join NATO, after the Russian war against Ukraine accelerated the decision to go on this path.


On the other hand, Turkey refuses to join the two countries due to their support for terrorist organizations.