Sudan.. The UN is concerned about the safety of its team in Darfur


The United Nations on Tuesday expressed concern over the safety of the team tasked with dissolving the United Nations-African Union hybrid mission “UNAMID” in Darfur, western Sudan.

This came according to the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and the Resident Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Sudan, Khardiata Lou Ndiaye.


When she met with a member of the Sovereign Council, Hadi Idris, and the Wali (governor) of North Darfur State, Nimr Muhammad Abdul Rahman, according to a statement by the mission.

Le Ndiaye praised “the authorities for their cooperation and continued support for the UNAMID solution team, and also highlighted the need to use the camp and the facilities inside it for the benefit of the people of Darfur,” according to the statement.

The UN official expressed her “concern about the safety and security of the team tasked with dissolving the UNAMID mission.”

She stressed that “it is the government’s duty to protect UNAMID personnel, and to take strict measures to prevent any form of threat or violence against the camp and individuals.”


The statement quoted Idris and Abdel Rahman affirming their “commitment to ensuring the security and safety of the UNAMID solution team and the protection of United Nations assets.”

On December 31, 2020, the UNAMID mission in Sudan was officially suspended and left a team for resolution (unspecified) and inventory of assets (vehicles and machinery).

UNAMID was established more than 13 years ago with the aim of protecting civilians in Darfur, which witnessed an armed conflict between the government and armed groups that killed thousands and displaced millions of residents, according to the United Nations.


According to the United Nations website, the forces of the “UNAMID” mission included 4,000 military and 480 security advisers from the police forces, in addition to 483 civilian international staff, and 945 local civilian staff.