Smart Scooter (MARTI) in Istanbul – All you need to know

MARTI smart scooter in istanbul

MARTI is the name of the smart scooter rental service in Istanbul, which means seagulls in Turkish, and this service aims to transport you to different parts of the city in a fun way. In addition to being environmentally friendly too.

The Marti Scooter subscription system was first started in the Kadikoy district in the Asian part of Istanbul. Due to the popularity of this new system, MARTI has expanded its service area to a large number of Istanbul regions. It is also planned to launch this service in countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary and the United Arab Emirates.

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Why use MARTI smart scooter?

About 40% of all car trips around the world are made for distances of less than 5 km, and on average only 2% of the fuel used for these trips is used to transport passengers. Therefore, electric scooters are a good choice for short distances. At the same time, you can make your trips in a green and environmentally friendly way without causing pollution and away from traffic.

MARTI smart scooter in istanbul

Fees for using a smart scooter in Istanbul

To use the electric scooter, you pay 3 Turkish liras at the beginning, and 0.65 liras per minute will be deducted from your account at the end of the trip.

Also, if you do not follow the rules, the following costs will be deducted from your account:

  • Scooter damage: repair costs
  • Theft: The price of the smart scooter is 9,000 lira.
  • Parking outside the designated area: 40 liras
  • Parking in inaccessible places such as private property: 40 liras
  • Incorrect information recorded in the user account: 40 liras

A guide for using the MARTI electric scooter in Istanbul

Begin the journey

  • To use the smart scooter (MARTI) you must first install the MARTI app on your phone. The app works on both (Android and iOS) operating systems.
  • Then enter your ID number and bank card information into the program.
  • You can find the smart scooter through the map inside the app.
  • After you find the scooter you want on your way, open the (MARTI) program on your phone and click the “Start” button.
  • After the camera screen appears on the phone, scan the QR code on the scooter.
  • Unlock the electric scooter using the code displayed on the phone screen (on new scooters, it will be unlocked automatically after scanning the barcode).
  • Now you can use the smart scooter.

Complete the journey

  • After the end of your trip, park the smart scooter in the appropriate areas on the map in a suitable place and lock the scooter, and at the end press the (Sürüş tamamlandı) button, which means end driving.
  • You can see the cost and duration of your trip at the top of the program.

Advantages of MARTI Scooters

Electric scooters are said to be statistically safer than cars, motorcycles and bicycles. The speed of the scooter is around 18 kilometers per hour.

The scooters that have low batteries are collected by special MARTI teams and after recharging they are placed in specific locations such as subways, docks and….