Şentop arrives in Zagreb to participate in the Crimean Platform summit


The Speaker of the Turkish Parliament, Mustafa Şentop, has arrived in the Croatian capital, Zagreb, to participate in the first parliamentary summit of the Crimean Platform.


The Turkish delegation headed by Şentop was received at Zagreb International Airport by Ankara’s ambassador there, Yavuz Selim Qiran.

Students of the Turkish Department of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Zagreb also participated in the reception ceremony for Şentop at the airport.

Şentop is accompanied on his visit by parliamentarians and members of the Justice and Development Party.


Ukraine launched the Crimea Platform last year as an international platform for solidarity and coordination as part of its efforts to increase international pressure on Russia, prevent further violations of the peninsula and ensure the return of Crimea.

The Crimean Platform officially began its work with the inaugural summit held in Kyiv on August 23, 2021 and the 46 participating countries signed the Declaration of the Joint Crimean Platform.


Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine after a unilateral referendum in March 2014.