The Turkish Red Crescent distributes school supplies to children in Gaza


On Monday, the Turkish Red Crescent Society distributed school supplies to Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip.


The distribution of supplies at Amr Ibn Al-Aas Primary School was supervised by the head of the Turkish Red Crescent mission in Palestine Vural Jan Coral.

Coral said, “The project is organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, where a thousand pieces of school bags, stationery and pens were purchased for primary school students who suffer from difficult economic conditions.”

He added, “What was distributed today was about 390 bags and stationery for poor children.”


He explained that his association “will continue to distribute the rest of the school supplies, in cooperation with the Ministry, to other schools in Gaza.”

He indicated that this project comes to “alleviate the suffering of students whose families live in difficult conditions and provide them with school needs.”

He pointed out that “the budget for this project was secured by Turkish donors.”


The Gaza Strip, where more than two million Palestinians live, suffers from extremely poor economic and living conditions as a result of an Israeli siege that has continued for nearly 16 years.