SAT test in Turkey – all you need to know


The SAT Test, which stands for Academic Aptitude Test, is a test that assesses a student’s academic aptitude and skills.

This test is administered to students who have completed twelve years of study.


The purpose of taking the SAT test in Turkey is to assess students ’readiness to enter the university, as the university council is responsible for designing the questions and how to take the test, however, the SAT test is administered by educational institutions in Turkey.

The SAT test has changed a lot since its inception, as this test was originally known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, and later on it changed its name to the Scholastic Assessment Test, and now this test is now known as the SAT.

What is the SAT test in Turkey?

It is a test for students applying to enter Turkish universities, as obtaining a passing score in this test is very effective in obtaining admission from Turkish universities.

One of the prerequisites for admission to most English-teaching universities in Turkey is obtaining a passing score on the Turkish SAT test, as this test is conducted in English.

To study a bachelor’s degree in most English-teaching universities in Turkey, you must have a passing score on the Turkish SAT exam.

With the exception of Turkey, many countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Norway, have SAT exams to assess candidates’ readiness for university studies.


SAT test sections

The SAT consists of two types:

  1. SAT General Test
  2. SAT Subject Test

Test candidates can take one or both of these tests, the SAT General Test is taken to evaluate candidates who intend to be admitted to training centers.

The second, SAT Subject Test, is more specialized and suitable for candidates who intend to enroll in reputable English-language universities.

To register and take part in the SAT, you must first apply online.

You can register for the exam by selecting the registration option and creating an account.

This test is administered in several countries (you should ask if the exam is taking place in your country), and you can also go to the test site in other countries.


SAT test questions and sections in Turkey

The certificate awarded to a student for passing the SAT test in Turkey has a validity period of five years, and the SAT test questions are made up of multiple parts, as you will need to answer the following questions:

SAT Comprehension section

This section assesses your ability to understand the concepts and information contained in the text, your opinion of the given text, and how to use the information provided.

Multiple choice questions are designed according to the text in the test. Each comprehension question has four options.

Graphs are accompanied by some clips, such as tables, graphs, and diagrams, but no math procedures are required.

This section contains 52 questions and candidates must answer multiple choice questions within 65 minutes.

To answer the questions, there is no need for specialized knowledge about the content presented in the test transcripts, and the main purpose of the section in the SAT test is to assess how the participant understands the text.

The text presented on the test can be part of classic or contemporary English literary texts, or texts related to economics, psychology, sociology, chemistry, physics, biology and geology.


SAT Writing and Language Section

In the language and writing assessment section, three linguistic criteria are measured for the candidate, the participant’s ability to read, find errors and linguistic weaknesses, and correct errors, and all questions in this section are multiple-choice questions.

This part of the test can also include a table, chart or graph, but you do not need a high level of knowledge about the content provided to answer such questions.

SAT Mathematics section

Questions in the Mathematics Assessment section relate to solving math, geometry, algebra, statistics, probability problems, and the use of mathematical formulas.

Most of the questions contain multiple-choice answers and the candidate must choose the correct one, but some questions must also be answered descriptively and the candidates must get the correct answer by doing mathematical calculations.

The mathematics test consists of two parts, the first part contains 20 questions, the answer to which is 25 minutes, in this section it is not allowed to use the calculator.

The second part contains 38 questions, the answer time for the questions of the second part of the math test is 55 minutes. Candidates can answer the math questions in this section using a calculator.

In general, we can say that the subject matter of the questions in the mathematics section of a test is from the three branches of mathematics:

  • The first branch is algebra and probability, questions in this section are about linear equations.
  • The second branch deals with problem solving and data analysis, and computational knowledge and the ability to solve mathematical problems.
  • The third branch of advanced mathematics, the candidate must be skilled in solving complex mathematics problems.
  • Additionally, there are questions about geometry and trigonometry.

SAT Essay Creation Section

The SAT test also assesses your skills in reading, analysis and writing.

Answering this part is optional, but in order for you to be accepted by some universities or educational institutions, you must answer this part of the test.

The time allotted for writing an essay is 50 minutes, and the topics covered in the essays section are not related to personal experiences and candidate’s opinion on the essay topic.


SAT test score

Each SAT section scores between 200 and 800, so each candidate’s final score will be between 400 and 1600, and the essay section also has a separate score between 1 and 6.

Depending on the exact time of the SAT test, you can take the test, and the university that intends to accept you will inquire about your score in the College Board.

Colleges and scholarship providers require that your scores be sent by the College Board to them, you can ask the College Board to send a SAT score report to the relevant institutions.

Documents required to register for the SAT test

The following is a list of documents and conditions required to participate in the test:

  • A valid photo ID or student ID card approved by the government and the school you recently attended.
  • The candidate must have the original documents with him and copies or electronic documents will not be accepted.
  • The name and surname of the candidate must be written in the correct order on the documents provided.
  • The test card photo must match the photo ID and the candidate’s appearance at the time of the test.
  • Submitted documents must be in English and have clear copies.
  • Candidates must be in good physical and mental condition at the time of the examination.


Examples of valid Turkish SAT ID cards

  • A valid driver’s license approved by the government
  • A valid student card from a school that you recently graduated from
  • A valid passport
  • Army ID card
  • National identity card
  • Complete the SAT Student ID Form, which you can obtain by clicking here

SAT test Calculator Rule

For answering parts of the SAT Math test, the use of a calculator is permitted to answer questions, the following is a list of rules for using the calculator in the SAT Test Center:

  • Take your personal calculator with you when taking the test, candidates are not allowed to use a shared calculator or borrow the calculator from other candidates during the test, each one must use his own calculator.
  • Calculators are only allowed in the math test section, you can only use the calculator for questions that are allowed with the calculator, and you must put the calculator aside at other times.
  • In the event of unauthorized use of the calculator, the candidate loses the test score.
  • Avoid bringing a new calculator on test day, it is best to have a calculator that you have used before and know how to use it completely.
  • Before entering the testing session, ensure that the calculator is operating properly and that the batteries are full.


Calculators allowed on the SAT test in Turkey

  • If the calculator has an inch or larger display, or your calculator display is visible to other candidates, the test administrator must determine where you will be seated.
  • Electric calculators are not permitted during the testing session and candidates can only use battery-powered calculators.
  • Calculators permitted for use in a SAT test session include most graphing calculators, scientific calculators, quadrant calculators, and multipurpose calculators.

Calculators that are not allowed on the SAT

  • Laptop, tablet, mobile phone or smartphone calculator.
  • Smart watch calculator or any kind of portable technical device.
  • Calculators that can access the Internet or are equipped with wireless networks, Bluetooth, calls, video recording, or a camera.
  • Calculators with a computer style keyboard (QWERTY) and a stylus.


The time and place of the SAT test in Turkey

The SAT is taken more than 7 times a year.

The date of the SAT exam may vary from country to another, and you should look for the date and location of the SAT test near you.

The cost of taking the SAT test

The cost of the exam is $ 47.50 for candidates, and candidates who also intend to take an essay test must pay $ 64.50.

How to register for the Turkish SAT exam

You can register for the SAT exam by mail or online.

Registering online for the SAT test

To register for the SAT test online, you can follow the link below.

Registering by mail for the SAT test

Candidates who meet the following requirements can register for the SAT exam by mail:

  • Payment by check or money order (payable to “The College Board”)
  • Candidates under the age of 13
  • Candidates who are unable to upload a digital photo as part of the online registration process
  • Candidates who score through international SAT testing agencies
  • Candidates who want the test site to be close to where they live


How to prepare for the SAT test

The SAT test focuses on skills rather than memorization, it is a measure of what you have learned from 12 years of education and whether you are eligible to complete college education.

In order for participants to be familiar with how to take the test and the sample questions asked in the SAT test, the test site designed a SAT Sample Test page and presented it to the candidates.

Exam candidates can learn about sample questions and how to take the SAT on a trial basis prior to the main test date by visiting the following website.

On this site, candidates can take the SAT test on a trial basis and assess their abilities by answering a sample of questions.

Some important tips for taking the SAT test

  • One of the most important things that candidates must consider is the correct timing of answering questions. Each part of the SAT test contains a specific timetable and the candidate is committed to answering the questions of each part within the specified time.
  • When getting the questions, pay attention to the number of questions and the time to answer them, and take a specific time to answer each question, as focusing on a difficult question and taking a long time to find an answer to it can waste the opportunity to answer other questions.
  • Online question forms can play an important role in helping you succeed and score high on the SAT test, as familiarity with how to answer and question forms increases the speed and performance of answering the test.
  • Get rid of any stress before the day of the exam, as good physical and mental condition during the exam session increases the strength of concentration.
  • Before the day of the test, check the documents required to enter the session and ensure they are complete.