7 attractive places for a romantic trip in Istanbul


Although Istanbul is not the city of love like Paris, going on a romantic trip in Istanbul is a unique and wonderful experience for honeymooners all around the world.

Istanbul, that city located in the continents of Asia and Europe, on the banks of the Bosphorus Strait with its clear blue waters, is one of the best cities in the world to travel with your partner, on a romantic trip in this charming city.

If you are looking for the best places in this city to get the most beautiful romantic memories in Istanbul, join us to get to know the seven best romantic places in Istanbul.

Bosphorus Cruise Trip

1- Bosphorus Cruise Trip

One of the most attractive and, of course, the most romantic things that you can do in Istanbul. It’s a haven for those who want to spend the best magical times in a boat in the famous Bosphorus strait.

We advise that the time of the trip be at sunset, to see the city with its warm colors reflected on the waters of the strait.

It is possible to choose between different options for this tour, where very special boats can be used at a high cost, or regular boats at a very reasonable cost.

See the beautiful scenery, old buildings and the beautiful Istanbul Bridges in the darkness of the night and have a wonderful dinner in the Bosphorus water, among the most beautiful romantic experiences in Istanbul.

The Princes' Islands horse ride

2- The Prince Islands

The Prince Islands in Istanbul is a group of nine beautiful islands very close to Istanbul (about an hour by boat), and is an ideal destination for a romantic trip that lasts two and a half days.

Imagine a very beautiful and quiet place where there is no sound of cars outside, and you can walk around in a horse-drawn carriage and visit its landmarks, in addition to its very good restaurants, where you can eat the finest seafood in Turkey and enjoy the most beautiful sea views while you eat your meal.

You can choose Buyukada Island, which is the largest island among these islands, or you choose smaller islands if you want a quieter and more secluded place.

Ağva Region At The Black Sea

3- Ağva Region At The Black Sea

Ağva is a beautiful place full of restaurants, hotels and parks on the banks of the Black Sea in the Şile region of Istanbul, its literal meaning translated as “between the two rivers.

Finally, what is important for tourists in Ağva are the attractive slopes through which you can see the wonderful views of the Black Sea. It is one of the most popular places to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, to enjoy a romantic trip a short distance from the center of Istanbul.

The Girl's Tower

4- Dinner in The Girl’s Tower

If you are looking for an unforgettable romantic meal with your partner, you should definitely forget about any other restaurant and go to the Girl’s Tower in the heart of the water in the Bosphorus strait.

A small and comfortable place where you have to reserve a table in advance and go by boat, but after reaching this beautiful view and having a taste of the good food, you will realize that it is worth the cost and time that was put in.

Next to Sultan Ahmed Mosque Gardens

5- Tour Next to Sultan Ahmed Mosque

The area surrounding the Sultanahmet Mosque is in many ways one of the most touristic areas of the city. If you love culture, art and architecture, or even enjoy the water parks, then you will have a great time here.

Where you can easily reach the Hagia Sophia Mosque, visit the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul or even visit the famous spice market (The Egyptian Bazaar).

Of course, if you want to just walk in this beautiful area and avoid the crowds, then it is better to take the opposite path instead of approaching the famous buildings.

Watch The City From The Top of The Galata Tower

6-Watch The City From The Top of The Galata Tower

Galata Tower was built in AD 500, and is 66 meters high. It is a beautiful medieval tower that you can visit for a small fee, and watch a 360-degree panoramic view of the city under your feet.

The tower is located at the end of the famous Istiklal Street in Istanbul, near the Golden Horn Bay, and it can easily be reached or wandered around, within the most beautiful old and touristic areas of Istanbul.

Basilica Cistern

7- Basilica Cistern

Last but not least, the Basilica Cistern was built during the Byzantine period with unique architecture and  has now become one of the most important tourist attractions in the city near the Hagia Sophia Museum and Mosque.

Whenever you go to this place, you will always hear the sound of classical music that is quietly playing in its surroundings, and it is a double attractive sound when the calm waters echo at the bottom of the Cistern.