Rouhani’s office: “Good” steps have been taken so far in the Vienna talks


Mahmoud Vaezi, director of the office of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, said that the Vienna talks on the nuclear deal are going through difficulties, but that good steps have been taken as well.

In statements he made to the Iranian news agency “IRNA” on Thursday, he added that the progress that took place in the Vienna talks was a source of hope.


He also made it clear that they are pursuing “what is in the interest of the country in line with Iranian foundations.”

Adding: “It seems that very basic steps have been taken in this regard, and important parts have been agreed upon so far.”

He expressed their hope that the US sanctions would be lifted as soon as possible, stressing at the same time that they were not in a hurry to produce positive results from the Vienna talks.

“The extremists inside the United States, as well as the Zionist entity, are seeking to thwart these talks,” Vaezi said.

Some countries in the region are also seeking to do so, but what is important is that we take care to work to bear fruit soon.”