Putin praises Erdogan’s efforts to “create peace” in Gaza


Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the efforts of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in creating conditions for long-term peace in Gaza.

This came in statements made by Putin during the annual press conference on Thursday, in which he asked him a question in the context of the United Nations’ performance regarding what is happening in the Gaza Strip and whether the organization has lost the essence of its mission in this context.

Putin said: “Erdogan is one of the leaders of the international community who draws attention to the tragedy in Gaza and is doing everything to improve the situation and create conditions for achieving long-term peace.”

He added: “He (Erdogan) is very active in this direction, and this is clear. I hope for his health and well-being from God.”

He pointed out that Russia, like Turkey, supports the implementation of United Nations resolutions regarding the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The Russian President confirmed that he is in constant contact with his Turkish counterpart regarding these issues, and that their positions are “very close.”

He revealed that he had recently been planning to meet his Turkish counterpart and visit Turkey in this context, but Erdogan’s program was not appropriate, according to Putin.

He expressed his hope to meet his Turkish counterpart early next year.


He said: “I planned this recently as well. I was ready to travel to Turkey. But Erdogan’s program was not appropriate. Something like this could happen. We may decide to make this visit at the beginning of next year.”

Putin stressed that his country adopts a position similar to the Turkish position regarding Palestine, and stressed the need to establish “solid” foundations for resolving the Palestinian-Israeli issue.

He stressed that the situation in Gaza amounts to a “disaster,” saying: “What happened is a disaster, and those sitting here (in the hall) and people all over the world see everything. Look at the special military operation in Ukraine and what happened in Gaza and you will feel the difference.”

He said: “There is no such thing (violations) in Ukraine, and the Secretary-General of the United Nations (Antonio Guterres) said that Gaza has become the largest cemetery for children in the world. This assessment tells us a lot, and it is an objective assessment.”

Referring to the role of the United Nations regarding Gaza, Putin pointed out that some countries thwarted some decisions at the United Nations during the war in Gaza.

The Russian President stressed that “there is nothing unusual in the work of the United Nations. This has always been the case, especially during the Cold War.”

He pointed out that the United Nations was established to reach consensus (among countries), and “if consensus is not reached, decisions cannot be made.”