Saudi Arabia: Launching a visa center in Turkey


The Saudi Ambassador to Turkey, Fahd bin Asaad Abu Al-Nasr, said on Thursday that the inauguration of the “Tashir” center in Turkey for visa granting services for visiting the Kingdom keeps pace with the development of fraternal relations between the two countries.

This came in a speech delivered by Abu Al-Nasr during a ceremony held at the Saudi Embassy in the Turkish capital, Ankara, to launch the work and services of the Saudi Visa Services Center “Tashir” affiliated with the Saudi Company for Visa and Travel Solutions in Turkey.

Abu Al-Nasr said, “In this period, the inauguration of a visa center in the Republic of Turkey came to keep pace with the great development in the strong fraternal relations between the two countries in all fields.”

He expressed his hope that “this step will contribute to creating a qualitative shift in consular services to the public and facilitating the procedures for obtaining entry visas to the Kingdom according to the latest technologies and the easiest means and in a short period.”

According to Abu Al-Nasr, the “Tashir” Center will be “a transit gate that opens new horizons about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the brotherly people of Turkey,” hoping that the center will be “an additional link that strengthens the historical bilateral relations” between the Kingdom and Turkey.”


He also praised “the diligent work of those in charge of the Tashir Center and the spirit of cooperation and coordination from all concerned parties, which produced fruits that raise the level of services provided to Turkish citizens.”

In this context, Abu Al-Nasr stressed that the Saudi Embassy in Turkey “is fully prepared to provide support to the center and to facilitate the tasks assigned to it.”

During his speech, he recalled the Kingdom’s announcement of “adding Turkey to the category of countries eligible to obtain an electronic visit visa (e-visa) and obtaining it within minutes, either through the website, by visiting a visa center, or upon arrival at one of the ports, which allows its holder to come to the Kingdom for the purpose of tourism and performing Umrah.” And visiting the Prophet’s Mosque.”

On October 21, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Saudi Arabia included Turkey among the list of countries that grant its citizens an electronic visa when visiting the Kingdom for tourist purposes, starting from October 17.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry pointed out at the time that previously, Turkish nationals were required to obtain a “visa sticker” when visiting Saudi Arabia for tourist purposes.