President Erdogan: We will determine the future of Turkish-African relations


In his tweets, President Erdoğan provided information on the 3rd Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit after two days of hard work.

Erdogan said, “We hosted the third Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit that we held in Istanbul in 2008 and in Malabo in 2014, and held a total of 15 bilateral meetings on the sidelines of the summit, which we successfully completed with the participation of 38 countries.”


Erdogan indicated that they have taken Turkish-African relations to a new, higher level with the convening of the summit, which was held under the theme “Enhanced Partnership for Together Development and Prosperity”.

He stressed that they agreed on a roadmap that would deepen relations with the accepted declaration and the joint action plan.

“I think we will raise our trade with Africa to $75 billion,” President Erdogan said. “The number of our embassies on the continent, which was 12 in 2005, has reached 43 this year.”

Noting that by declaring 2005 the “Year of Africa”, they opened a new page in their relations with the continent, President Erdoğan provided the following information:


“We have tried to strengthen our cooperation on the basis of ‘equal partnership and win-win’, as long as we have rejected the continent’s views that reek of leaders, clumsiness, and Orientalism.

We hit $30 billion in our trade in the first 11 months of 2021.

We have reached 6 billion dollars in our investments across the continent. The number of our embassies in the continent, which was 12 in 2005, reached 43 embassies this year.

While there are embassies of ten African countries in Ankara, today we inaugurated the 37th place of our largest diplomatic representation in the world in Somalia.

The number of African students benefiting from our scholarships in Turkey has exceeded 14,000, so far I have made 50 visits to 30 African countries.


During these visits, I have seen trustworthy people working tirelessly, sweating, embracing life with hope despite all kinds of hardships. I have always had great respect and admiration for the efforts, struggle, and perseverance of our African brothers.”

“We are not only fighting for ourselves, but for our African brothers and sisters as well, the struggle we are waging under the slogan ‘The world is greater than 5’,” Erdogan said, concluding his posts as follows:

“Now we know each other better, we know our honesty, and we see very serious possibilities for cooperation between our two countries, as an African proverb says, ‘Everything we do today will be engraved in history.”


President Erdogan’s post also included photos from the summit and photos from his visit to the African continent.