Turkey brings Syrian war victims to a warm home


After the civil war in Syria, Turkey embraced civilians. In the past two years, 30,000 houses have been built of bricks in the Idlib and Aziz regions.


And it was delivered to the needy Syrian people who are struggling to survive in difficult circumstances.

Turkey produces various projects for Syrian civilians who are struggling to survive. One of these houses is briquettes houses built on the Syrian border.

In order to improve the living conditions of the war victims, measures were taken in 2020 under the slogan “We stand by Idlib together.”

With the support of NGOs, notably the Disaster and Emergency Management, the Turkish Red Crescent, and the Turkish Religious Foundation, the wounds of war victims were healed.


In the past two years, 30,000 briquettes have been built, and 200,000 Syrian families have been settled in these homes. With the completion of 52,000 briquettes, 600,000 civilians will find a warm home.

In Syria, a country where pain does not subside, 13 million civilians have been displaced from their homes in 11 years, and 600,000 civilians have lost their lives.