President Erdogan condemns the Mersin terrorist attack


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned the attack carried out by two terrorists against a police headquarters in the southern state of Mersin, and pointed to the Peoples Democratic Party’s exploitation of women and brainwashing of women to serve terrorism.


This came in a speech during his participation in a meeting with feminist cadres in the Justice and Development Party in Ankara.

Erdogan said: “We saw what happened in Mersin yesterday, who is exploiting these two women. It is that well-known party represented in Parliament (Peoples’ Democratic Party). They noticed its name as a party, but the two women who use them as terrorists blew themselves up and died in Mersin.”

Erdogan wondered what this unscrupulous mentality is that brainwashes women into sacrificing themselves for a “false cause.”


Erdogan also asked in what way these people (the Peoples Democratic Party) will come out before the people and claim that they are advocates of democracy and freedom.

He pointed out that “hundreds of women have sacrificed themselves for the false cause of terrorism until today.”

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu announced the death of a policeman and the wounding of another in a terrorist attack targeting a police headquarters in the southern state of Mersin.

Soylu said in a statement to reporters at dawn on Tuesday that the perpetrators of the attack were two women belonging to the “PKK” terrorist organization.


He said, “Clashes took place between the two terrorists and the security forces, during which the security forces managed to hit the two terrorists, and when they realized that they would not be able to escape, they blew themselves up.”