Pentagon: Half of the Afghan refugees held in military bases are children


US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced in a letter to Congress in response to a parliamentary question that about 44 percent of the more than 53,000 Afghan refugees held on immigration bases in the United States are children.


US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin responded to a parliamentary question posed by Republican Jim Inhofe about refugees evacuated by the United States.

In the letter received by The Wall Street Journal, Asotin explained that he is among the more than 53,000 Afghan refugees being held for treatment at bases on US soil.

22 percent of them are women, and 34 percent are adult males.

In the letter, Austin noted that the remaining 44 percent of Afghans were children, but did not say how many were without parents.


Austin said the United States had evacuated more than 124,000 people from Afghanistan in total and said about 104,000 of them were Afghans.

While the United States brought only 53,000 of the 124,000 people who were evacuated from Afghanistan during the withdrawal process to American soil.

It keeps the rest on military bases in Europe and the Middle East.