Palestinian Resistance: We call all parties to curb the aggression


On Friday, the joint operations room of the “Palestinian resistance” factions called on all concerned parties to “restrain” Israel from its aggression against Jerusalem and the Palestinians.

Abu Ahmed, speaking for the “Joint Chamber of Palestinian Resistance Factions”, said during a press conference held in Gaza City:

“All concerned parties must stop the occupation from its aggression against our people, our sanctities and our people.”


He added, “We say to the enemy (Israel) very clearly, if you come back, our hands are on the trigger, and our battle has chapters that have not been written yet.”

He stressed that “the resistance is fine, and the enemy has not been able to destroy its property as it has promoted,” adding, “We imposed new rules on the occupier that will have what comes after.”

Abu Ahmed added, “The enemy failed to anticipate the level of our response, and to kill the morale of our people.”

He pointed out that “the resistance flattened all enemy sites with an unprecedented intensity of fire, and adopted new tactics in launching missiles.”

And at dawn on Friday, a cease-fire took effect between the Palestinian factions and Israel after 11 days of aggression.