North Korea warns the UN Security Council not to infringe its sovereignty


North Korea on Sunday warned the United Nations Security Council not to infringe on its sovereignty following an emergency council meeting on the reclusive country’s missile program.


During the closed emergency meeting of the Security Council on Friday, France distributed a proposed statement to express international concern about North Korea’s missile program.

It calls on it to fully implement the Council’s resolutions prohibiting the launching of its ballistic missiles.

In response, Jo Cheol-soo, director of the Department of International Organizations at the North Korean Foreign Ministry, warned the UN Council:

“You’d better think about the future consequences of any attempt to infringe on North Korea’s sovereignty.”

In a statement, Joe accused the United Nations of “applying double standards, because it does not deal in the same way with similar weapons tests by the United States and its allies.”


After a six-month hiatus, North Korea resumed missile tests last September and launched newly developed missiles, including nuclear-capable weapons.

The country is still offering conditional talks with South Korea, in what some experts have described as an attempt to pressure Seoul

To persuade Washington to ease economic sanctions imposed on it, according to the US Agency.

Under several UN Security Council resolutions, North Korea is prohibited from engaging in any ballistic missile activities, as the country aims to build nuclear weapons on its ballistic missiles.

For its part, North Korea has argued that its nuclear program is intended to deal with US military threats

Although Washington said it had no hostile intent toward Pyongyang.


The United States urged North Korea to return to talks without preconditions, but the latter argued that it would not do so unless the Americans abandoned their “hostile policy”.

In a clear reference to sanctions and regular military exercises between Washington and Seoul.