Armed training of Armenian children of American warriors


The Washington Examiner wrote that a former American soldier trained children in Armenia in guerrilla warfare.


According to the report, the former soldier of Armenian origin is preparing children for war near the Azerbaijani border.

This claim was published in the American Washington Examiner, and the news included information that the training was provided by a group of veterans called the Phoenix Courage School, and at the beginning of the work, there is a former American soldier named Aram.

It was also announced that Aram, a Lebanese-Armenian, had served for 13 years as a special forces officer in the US Air Force.


The article also draws attention to the fact that with the exercises in question, formations such as Blackwater appeared in the USA, and the Russian Wagner also appeared in Armenia.

The report includes Aram’s statements that they aim to train 2-3 thousand local citizens each year.