More sanctions letters from the EU to Belarus


European Union Council President Charles Michel has announced that from midnight Belarusian airlines will not be able to use the EU’s airspace and airports, and new sanctions are on the way.

European Union Council President Charles Michel also shared on social media about aviation sanctions.

imposed by the European Union due to the detention of an opposition journalist among the passengers by landing a passenger plane in Minsk on May 23.

“We have fulfilled our promise, since from midnight aircraft operated by Belarusian airlines are prohibited from landing and taking off,” Michel said.

It also prohibits the use of airspace in the European Union region,” and reiterated his call for the release of political detainees in Belarus.


“More penalties will come”

“More sanctions against organizations and individuals are coming quickly,” Michel said.

Ryan’s plane, carrying 123 passengers from Greece to Lithuania, made an emergency landing on May 23 while in Belarusian airspace on the grounds of a bomb threat.

Roman Protacevic is the founder and former editor-in-chief of a social media account known for its opposition identity.

He was among the passengers of the plane that landed in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, wanted on charges of alleged involvement in terrorist activities, where he was arrested.

As a result of the searches, the threat of a bomb was declared baseless, and after conducting the necessary checks, the plane left Minsk airport and headed to Vilnius.


At the EU leaders summit held the day after the event, the event was strongly condemned.

The Council of the European Union was asked to take a decision on economic sanctions against Belarusian airlines and some individuals and organizations.

At today’s meeting of the ambassadors of the European Union countries, a consensus was reached on the flight ban on Belarus.