Message from retired US generals: People in “deep danger”


A group of 124 senior retired US soldiers wrote the message that the American people are in “grave danger” due to the attack on constitutional rights under President Joe Biden.

And in an open letter written on May 10 by a group of retired generals and admirals who call themselves “Officers of Flag 4 America”.

They expressed their concern that the American people are in deep danger, and on the basis of manipulating Joe Biden’s favor in the presidential election, and an assault on constitutional rights.

“With the election of Congress and the presidential candidates who will always work to defend our constitutional republic, this must now be opposed,” the letter said.

Citing the view that the United States has taken a radical turn towards socialism and Marxism under President Joe Biden.


“The struggle between supporters of freedom and ideological tendencies”

In the message, he said: “Our nation is in great danger, we have fought to survive more constitutionally than at any time since our founding in 1776.

The struggle is between supporters of socialism and Marxism against supporters of constitutional freedom and freedom. “

A warning letter written by 317 retired US generals ahead of the US presidential election in November 2020 was correct due to the left-wing leanings and Marxism under the Democrats.

“The FBI must act quickly when electoral irregularities occur”

The following opinions were shared in the letter, which indicated the importance of fair elections:

Without fair and fair elections that accurately reflect the will of the people, our constitutional republic will disappear. It requires fair elections, legal voting and counting.

Legal votes are determined by the council’s approved controls, using state identities and verified signatures.

Today, many people describe these prudent controls as racist to avoid fair and honest choices.

The use of racist terminology to suppress evidence of conformity is itself an intimidation tactic.


In addition, the rule of law principle must be applied in our selection processes to ensure integrity.

The FBI and the Supreme Court should act quickly when electoral irregularities emerge, and not ignore them as they did in 2020.”

“A dictatorial attack on constitutional rights”

The letter alleged that the Biden administration launched a “dictatorial” attack on constitutional rights, and the following assessment was made:

“More than 50 swift executive decisions were signed, and Congress bypassed, many of which reflected the effective policies and regulations of the previous administration.

Moreover, the restrictions are direct attacks on our basic rights, such as closing schools and workplaces, and written censorship and spoken speech.

We must support and hold accountable the politicians who will work against socialism and Marxism, and who support our constitutional republic.

And they insist on a financially responsible government with a focus on all Americans, especially the middle class, and not on private interests or extremist groups.”