Measures from Turkey to Greece to return illegal immigrants


Greek elements transferred a ship with nearly 400 irregular migrants on board to the island of Kos, near Bodrum.

Accordingly, the Turkish Coast Guard teams took the necessary precautions against any possible retreat from the Turkish side, and the Coast Guard Command made a statement on this matter.


Accordingly, the Greek authorities demanded that Turkey take the ship, which is carrying nearly 400 migrants.

which collapsed in the Greek search and rescue zone on October 29, because it was supposed to be flying the Turkish flag.

The Turkish authorities said the ship was flying the Cameroonian flag, and the Greek authorities were told that they were concerned about the health conditions of the 400 irregular migrants and that Greece should provide humanitarian assistance.

Two Turkish Coast Guard boats and a moving radar were deployed in the area against the possibility of pushing the vessel that was being moved to the Bodrum bow.


“The Turkish Coast Guard command is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help anyone in need at sea and respect human rights and the law,” the statement said.

It was learned that the ship carrying the migrants was taken to the island of Kos after being left at sea for two days.

In the statement issued by the Coast Guard Command, it was learned that a merchant ship carrying nearly 400 refugees had been towed due to machinery failure in the Greek search and rescue area east of Crete.

In the early hours of this morning on October 29, help was called, and elements of the Greek Coast Guard intervened on the ship.

The statement said that the Greek authorities wanted “Turkey to take the ship under the pretext that it is flying the Turkish flag.”


“Contrary to what the ship claims, the necessary humanitarian aid should be provided from Greece as soon as possible,” the Turkish Coast Guard command told the Greek side.

Considering that 400 irregular migrants on the ship are concerned about their health and the ship, help was called for, and the accident occurred within the Greek area of ​​responsibility.

It was noted that it was not a Turkish flag, but a Cameroonian flag, and it was stated that within the framework of the rules of international law, everyone who needs assistance at sea should be provided with the necessary humanitarian aid as soon as possible, regardless of the nationality of their flag to ensure their safety.

In line with the rules of international law, the Greek authorities will transfer the Cameroon-flagged ship that is in danger at sea and in need of assistance to the nearest port in Crete.


With the safety of the people on board guaranteed, it is expected that it will first be confirmed that Greece will carry the ship 180 nautical miles on October 31.

In the statement that drew attention to the fact that it was pushed to the front of Bodrum, it was reported that two Turkish Coast Guard boats and a mobile radar are in the area in case of a possible retreat.

The statement said that it was learned from open sources that asylum seekers who had been left at sea for more than 48 hours were transferred to the island of Kos on October 31.


They said the Turkish Coast Guard Command is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help anyone in need at sea and respect human rights and the law.